With an FPS gameplay, After-H opposes teams in full immersion, from 2 to 8 players equipped with VR headsets and connected guns. Sent on Mars, they fight to take control of the solar system resources... A collaborative, competitive and sensational experience!


A unique VR eSport game

After-H is on the first VR eSport game based on competition and different playing modes.

Intuitive and easy to pick up
Balanced game
Playing modes
Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Domination
Spectator mode

Immersive & connected technologies


Each player is equipped with an HTC Vive VR headset and 2 controllers.


Beyond the HTC Vive headset, each player is equipped with a Vive Tracker on his hand and hold a connected gun. The gun commands instantly interact with the game. The gun trackpad controls players’ movements on the map. Virtuality has never been so close to reality, immersion is at the maximum!

2 configurations

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Individual box

Regular set-up of VR arcades
Required minimum space : 2x2m for each player

Collective pod - 2 to 4 players

Only one box for all the players with only 2 lighthouses for the entire gaming area

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The premium setting for a maximum of immersion!

With the Optitrack technology, it is possible to create a large-scale location-based VR. The set-up of the space is identical to the virtual game map. Based on motion capture, movements are real and faithfully transposed in the game.

The story

In 2050, facing overpopulation and lack of resources, Humanity starts a terraforming program to prepare its exile from the Blue planet. Three space rockets fulled of Mechasms - autonomous robotic insects programed to modify the environment of a planet - are sent to colonize the Moon, Io, and Mars.

30 years later, une first wave of settlers is sent in recognition to Mars, but contact is lost as soon as they arrived. Sent to inquire about their fate, a space probe discovers the awful truth...

Out-of-control Mechasms have tried to absorb the settlers. These last become insane and create a separate society. Called the “Awaken” and devoting themselves to the original Node, they send a clear message to Humanity : it is not welcome on Mars.

To avoid extinction, Humanity has no other choice than recapturing the corrupted lands by the Mechasms.

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